All American Backyard BBQ Favorites

Choose 2 Or $2.00 extra for all 3
Angus beef burgers or Sliders
All Beef Hot Dogs
Grilled Chicken
Vegan patty add $4.95 each 20 order minimum
Choose 2 sides: +3 or more @ $2.00 each
BBQ Beans
Potato Salad
House Salad
Mac & Cheese
Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes
Chips & Salsa
French Fries
Pineapple Coconut Infused Rice
Condiments to choose from:
Signature BBQ sauce
Carolina Reaper BBQ Sauce
Ranch or Thousand Island
Accompaniments your choice:
Lettuce or Arugula
Sundried Tomato – $1 per person
Grilled Onion – $1 per person
Grilled Mushrooms – $1 per guest
Avocado Spread – $2 per guest
Applewood Smoked Bacon – $2.50 per guest
Cheese – $1 per guest
35 guest minimum
$13.95 Per guest
Gratuity and Tax not included.
Over 75 guest may require additional staffing and a fee may be $75.00-$250.00
Our service comes with complimentary plates napkins and utensils.
With our service you get up to 2  hours of service time after 2 hours $75.00 per hour up to $150.00 an hour for our staff to stay on site if additional serve time is requested.
Onsite grilling fee of $150.00 up to $500.00 depending upon event size and mobile BBQ trailer used
All food left at end of event will remain onsite for the client and guest to continue to enjoy.
Pat’s Famous BBQ Gourmet sandwich bar
Artisan Sandwich assortment:
Served with our delicious signature crisp mixed green salad topped with fresh berries and shaved purple onion feta cheese crumbles cinnamon toasted walnuts,
• Assorted fresh fruit
• Grilled zucchini spears and asparagus tossed in Italian herbs and garlic
• Roast beef and cheddar on a croissant roll serve with horseradish on the side
• Chicken pesto sundried tomato w/Swiss cheese
• Ultimate club sandwich served with honey smoked ham, turkey Hickory smoked cut bacon avocado lettuce tomato
• Sourdough grilled with melted
brie cheese ham caramelized onions with a mango chutney spread
• Roasted Tomato basil fresh mozzarella cheese w/ balsamic glaze, “vegetarian option $15.79 per person plus tax and gratuity
Pat’s Famous BBQ classic sandwich bar
Classic sandwich menu:
• Oven roasted ham sand Swiss cheese
• Oven roasted Turkey provolone
• Roast beef and white horseradish cheddar cheese
• Tuna salad sandwich,
• Crisp signature salad
• Grilled zucchini spears toss in olive oil salt pepper and garlic
• Assorted fruit tray
Condiments included and served on the side
Mustard, Mayo, Pesto spread,
Lettuce.Tomato, Onion,
All plates napkins and serve utensils included
$12.96 per person Plus tax and gratuity